About the Foundation

The Ponce Foundation is a Christian market research organization founded in 1995 by Daniel St.Pierre DEC, a graduate of Le College De Rimouski.

Mr. St.Pierre truly defines the essence of the Ponce Foundation and the American dream. More than the leader or a market research organization, Daniel St.Pierre possesses extraordinary marketing savvy and award winning creative design skills.

A World Leading Email Marketing Authority

By age 31, Daniel successfully thrived as the leader of the world’s largest electronic mail organization reaching as many as 5 million customers per day, and achieving conversion ratios that remain unmatched to this day.

From the company’s head quarters located in Brooksville, FL, Mr. St.Pierre leads an elite team of market research analysts who conduct surveys and manage marketing research data at the Ponce Foundation.

He considers himself blessed to head what is hailed as one of the finest Christian market research teams ever assembled.

A word from our founder Daniel St.Pierre
Before hiring us to handle your market research project, I feel you ought to know the person behind the Ponce Foundation which truly defines the essence of this company. I am first and foremost a servant of the Lord. My mission to advance the gospel is performed via this company as well as through Bible Teaching via our Christian ministry portal. I am also an award winning Web Producer, a Professional Photographer and an Established Online Marketing Expert.

In dealing with the Ponce Foundation, you instantly benefit from over 20 years experience I spent sculpting the image of this company one project at a time. When you hire the Ponce Foundation or any member of my team as contractor, countless hours of Research, Production and Consulting become tools available to you. Most of all you get results, not excuses.

If we can help you, we will. Otherwise, we’ll help you find someone who can.

If you are serious about working with the industry’s best, call us today and let’s get started right away. Our customer service hotline is open from 8:00am to 6:00pm Eastern, Monday-Friday at (832) 37Ponce.

I look forward to working with you.


Daniel St.Pierre
Founder Glorious Media Group, The Cybergenica Company & The Ponce Foundation