Survey Methods

Christian Market Research Methods

Our survey methods utilize all mediums currently available. We also make full use of the utmost in modern technology by constantly updating our information gathering interfaces resulting in data you can use with confidence.

The Ponce Foundation has conducted numerous Internet marketing research studies. Internet marketing research surveys offer fast data collection, less opportunity for human error and more convenience for respondents. Studies are conducted when the subject matter is appropriate for interviewing consumers who have access to the Internet.

Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing allows for accurately administered surveys and quicker turnaround time for data. Interviewing on paper is also available for those projects that dictate a more hands-on approach.

Mall/Central Location
The Ponce Foundation has close working relationships with a vast array of mall facilities throughout the U.S. and in foreign countries. Malls are chosen for each study to best represent the client’s target market. We screen for and interview only those respondents desired for the study.

We also pre-recruit respondents by phone, mail, or possibly mall-intercept to come to a central location at a specified time to test a product or idea. These studies may include food preparation, food served to respondents, or some other stimulus or product requiring hands-on evaluation.

Tests conducted in malls or other central location facility can be done using traditional paper and pencil interviews or using the latest Internet marketing research tools for faster turnaround.

Executive Interviewing
The Ponce Foundation staff members have conducted interviews of executives at all levels of management including CEO’s of major corporations.

Focus Group Discussion
Our in-house moderators are experienced in conducting focus groups in a variety of industry types and on a wide range of issues from community perceptions to ad copy meaning.

Experience with numerous mail studies has given us the techniques necessary to ensure maximum return rates.

> Individually addressed envelopes with stamps hand applied
> Postcard reminders
> Telephone reminders
> Concise and clear questionnaires
> Questionnaires professionally printed
> Respondent incentives, if necessary
> Interactive Voice Response Telephone Research

For these target groups where automated telephoning and automated voice response surveys are acceptable, the voice response system can reduce your time and costs to get information.