Marketing Data that Counts

The Ponce Foundation, a faith driven Christian market research organization, is a full service, custom quantitative and qualitative market research agency that uses the latest Internet marketing research techniques as well as 1-on-1, telephone, mail, executive and focus group interviewing.

Though we specialize in Christian marketing research projects, we also offer advanced market data collection from the general public through a vast network of ethnically diverse panelists.

Instincts And Gut Feelings Aside…

As marketing continues to evolve and experience fundamental shifts over the last few decades, the days when marketers relied on their instincts or gut feelings are long gone. Today, marketers have learned to leverage measurable data to reach or surpass marketing goals.

Unfortunately, too many marketers struggle to adopt this result-driven approach as too few understand how to make full use of marketing data collected in real time or through market research.

The fact is, most marketers are not familiar with the tools used to collect, analyze and measure data to boost sales, reduce waste or improve productivity!

We invite you to peruse our website for answers to your questions or, to use our Live Help feature to speak with a customer service representative in real time.