Our Services Array

Since 1995, the Ponce Foundation has conducted market research for numerous companies and organizations in a variety of industries. We have managed both B2C and B2B projects and work with companies of all sizes, from startup to NASDAQ clients. We invite you to follow this link to find out more about our advanced surveying methods.

Measure Customer Satisfaction via Questionnaire
The Ponce Foundation conducts customer satisfaction questionnaire surveys across a broad range of industries and markets. We have in-house capabilities to create new programs or strategically realign existing programs with corporate strategy.

Customer Service Satisfaction
The Ponce Foundation is experienced in creating and revising transaction-based customer service surveys and can help you in developing an efficient research program. We are dedicated to improving customer service within your company and can help you develop an appropriate measurement system.

Customer Lifecycle Research
With over 15 years of experience conducting market research surveys throughout the customer lifecycle, The Ponce Foundation can create a program customized to meet your needs. We are experienced in developing and executing surveys with prospective, competitive, new, current and lost (churned) customers.

Baseline & Tracking
The Ponce Foundation can leverage our expertise to help you create or revise a high-quality baseline and tracking program optimized for performance improvement. We fully understand the nuances of each and can help develop a program that will change the way you do business.

Some reporting styles are definitely better than others, and The Ponce Foundation can help you in effectively sharing and using survey knowledge. We realize organizations communicate in different ways and we will work closely with you in developing user-friendly reports that get used.

Other Studies & Services
The Ponce Foundation is experienced in conducting many different types of marketing research, including advertising effectiveness, attitude & testing, brand strategy, brand tracking, business and consumer, employee satisfaction, marketing effectiveness, market segmentation, positioning, product development and more.