Christians Don’t Read Their Bible

Of over 2 billion Christians in the world, less than 30% will ever read through the entire Bible. The fact is over 82% of Christian Americans only read their Bibles on Sundays while in church.

A little over 20 years ago, Gallup released the results of a major study indicating that 86% of Americans claimed to be Christian, although only 70% of these admitted to being “born again” according to biblical measure.

In recent studies, the Pew research indicates that only 25% of Americans now attend church any given Sunday, significantly down from 47% in 1990.

The study also shows that, in evangelical churches throughout the United-States, statistics show 36% of those who attend church weekly indicate that believing in Jesus Christ is the only true way to Heaven. A shocking 57% of American Christians believe other religions can lead to eternal life.

One of the main reasons why American Christians don’t read their bibles is, only 22% of them believe the Bible is fully inspired by God Himself, and written by men who were divinely appointed by the Lord almighty. Over 1 in 4 American Christians believe the bible to be a book written by mere men, not at all the word of God.

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